Crash Investigations
In a matter of seconds, vehicles are damaged, and somebody is injured or killed. Insurance adjusters need answers fast. Plaintiff attorneys need evidence and statements quickly. Private Investigator Michael Kidd goes all over West Virginia to quickly to gather photos, video, witness statements, and evidence.

Background & Asset Investigations
The opposing side has just identified a witness who may sink your case. Who are they? If I sue this defendant, do they have any valuable assets? Call the expert who can get the information you need.

Courthouse Research
Michael Kidd has been in every courthouse in West Virginia, and numerous ones in the states which surround West Virginia. Call someone who knows where the records are that will help your case.

Insurance Surveillance
Do you suspect that the claimant is malingering, or inflating his or her injuries? Do you need to know if the plaintiff always uses a cane, or only when he is at a court hearing? Michael Kidd travels all over West Virginia and the surrounding states to gather the video evidence you need.

Jury Research
Twelve people will decide the outcome of your lawsuit. They come from all walks of life and varying degrees of education and income. Michael Kidd can help you identify the ones most likely to render a verdict favorable to you.

Process Service
People seldom look forward to coming to court as a witness or to answer a lawsuit. Many will attempt to avoid service of process because they “don’t want to get involved.” Michael Kidd travels all over West Virginia to locate and properly serve subpoenas, summons, court orders, and more.

Witness Interview
Who, What Where, When, Why and How. Many times you don’t get a second chance with a witness. Michael Kidd has conducted witness interviews for more than thirty years. Get it done right the first time.

Workers Comp Surveillance
Have you been hearing that your employee who is off sick or injured is building a house? Maybe working a side job for cash while collecting worker’s compensation for an injury? Call an expert who can operate discreetly and get the answers you need.

Unique Assignments
If you have a task in West Virginia or the surrounding states that requires discretion and expertise, call us. If we can’t do it, we will refer you to a nationwide network of professional investigators who can get the job done for you.

Digital Forensics Exam
If you are trying to build a case against a former employee, texting while driving, or cyber bully, or if you are defending a case brought by an accuser, allow us to examine the communication device. Once you become aware that a cell phone or other digital device was used in your case, consider sending a letter of preservation to the party with the device. Call us for instructions on the best practice to take possession of the device and preserve the evidence for examination by our expert.

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