Digital Forensic Examination

If you are trying to build a case against a former employee, texting while driving, or cyber bully, or if you are defending a case brought by an accuser, allow us to examine the communication device. Once you become aware that a cell phone or other digital device was used in your case, consider sending a letter of preservation to the party with the device. Call us for instructions on the best practice to take possession of the device and preserve the evidence for examination by our expert.

Corporations have a unique need for digital forensic expertise.  Since nearly everyone owns a smart phone, cell phone, or computer, the value of a trained and competent digital forensic examiner goes far beyond that of your IT staff.  Specific areas where you can and should call a digital forensic consultant include:

Employee violations of acceptable use of company computers, networks & mobile devices

Disgruntled current or former employee investigations

Theft or pilfering of intellectual property, including trade secrets

Suspected fraud, embezzlement or waste & abuse of company resources


While some of these examples may be referred to law enforcement for further action, police generally will not investigate an alleged act without some concrete evidence that a crime has occurred.  Our evidence-based practices ensure that, when law enforcement does get involved, the evidence has been acquired through the use of appropriate chain-of-custody and best practices.

The most valuable piece of advice for corporations who suspect any of the above instances is to secure the device(s) in question immediately when an incident is suspected.  Then, contact us to discuss appropriate actions to be taken.

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