Jury Research

Shouldn’t you know something about the jury who will decide whether your client will get a favorable verdict, or walk away disappointed? Michael Kidd performs research on the people who will decide your case. Juries are picked from everyday people, from all walks of life. They are picked from voter registration rolls, from property tax records, from driver license indexes, and other means. Jury pools include people from all walks of life. Some of those people hold very similar views and have similar values as your client. Others hold very different views, and would likely not give a verdict that your client would be pleased with. Before you proceed to trial with your case hanging in the balance, do some research on those who will make the decision. Make sure your case will be heard by a jury of your client’s peers, who hold similar views and values as your client.shutterstock_91899875

The list of prospective jurors may be from 50 to 200 people. You often do not know until very close to the trial date which of those people will be called upon to show up at the courthouse on the day of your trial. Michael Kidd will conduct various research on each juror, in an effort to learn as much as possible about each prospective juror. This may include checking the local courthouse to see if your prospective juror has a criminal record, or has ever been a plaintiff or defendant in a case. We will also check the voter registration records, to see if the prospective juror is registered to vote, and it so,, what party affiliation. We may check to see what vehicles and sports equipment the prospective juror owns, if it’s relevant to your case. If you litigating an ATV fatality, wouldn’t you like to know whether the juror owns and rides an ATV? We will also locate and photograph each prospective juror’s house. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” All of this information will be indexed into an easy to use binder for use at trial. You can discreetly use this during juror voir dire, and make informed decisions about who hears your case and who is released.

shutterstock_132838619If you hire an amateur to do this job, it could have bad consequences. Imagine if a prospective juror learns that someone representing your client is having them investigated. They then tell other prospective jurors at the courthouse, and your potential for a favorable verdict is wrecked. It is imperative that this research be conducted with the utmost discretion. Michael Kidd knows the back roads, the hollows, and where the people live who will decide whether you and your client will walk away from the courthouse happy or disappointed.  Hire Michael Kidd, a professional who has worked in the industry all over West Virginia for over 30 years.

Nobody ever knows for sure how a jury will decide, and what they will think of your client. However, there are certain factors that will definitely give you and your client the edge before you start presenting evidence. Get the facts before you choose a jury.

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