Kidd Investigations, Inc. (304) 562-8591 offers a full line of services all over West Virginia and the surrounding states. Our clients include well known national corporations, insurance companies, and law firms both in and out of West Virginia. When you have a legal issue, call the private investigator in West Virginia who will get the job done right the first time. Experience and education matters in the court room, so it should also matter in the investigation stage of your case. Some law firms delegate their staff to tasks that they were not trained to do.shutterstock_232042216

From conducting witness interviews to accident investigation to process service, we do it all. When thousands of dollars are on the line, call us for jury research, to help you gain an edge on the other side. Learn about the jury pool before they hear your case in the court room. When you need courthouse research, call someone who knows where to get the information that will be most helpful to your case.

West Virginia does not require continuing education for private investigators. Some private investigators in West Virginia barely meet the minimum requirements for a private investigator license from the West Virginia Secretary of State. Don’t let the investigator that you hire cause more harm than good. Don’t hire a private investigator who hasn’t had any formal training since they left college or the police department.

Michael Kidd gets professional training every year, to keep up on the latest investigative techniques and
changes to laws that affect your case. Michael Kidd has sat under instructors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, United States Attorney’s office, Department Homeland Security,  National White Collar Crime Center, West Virginia State Police, West Virginia Fusion Center, and numerous other government and private agencies. Learn more about Michael Kidd’s training and education from checking the about us page.

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