Insurance Surveillance

shutterstock_243747364Every year, millions of legitimate claims are submitted to insurance companies for review and payment. Unfortunately, fraudulent or inflated claims are also submitted. The insurance company has the task of determining which claims are genuine, and which are inflated or outright criminally fraudulent. Let Kidd Investigations Inc. help. We have over 36 years experience in law enforcement and private investigation experience. Our job is to help you get the truth. This is accomplished through discreet surveillance of claimants who may be over stating their injury, or outright fabricating it. Kidd Investigations Inc. has the latest equipment and training, to get all the details you need to bring a fair resolution to each claim. Prior to each surveillance, we gather as much information about the case and claimant as possible. This may include checking public records at the local courthouse, checking proprietary databases for prior addresses, checking records to determine vehicles owned, checking the claimant’s presence on social media, and more. Cases are often built before surveillance is even started, by simply conducting some research and uncovering inconsistencies from previous deposition testimony or discovery answers.

Covert surveillance may be conducted randomly at the claimant’s residence or place of employment, or surveillance may be conducted at a specific date and time, when it is known the claimant will be at a certain location or event. Surveillance can usually be conducted with only one investigator. Sometimes the circumstances call for two or more investigators, such as when there is a “one time only” event where the claimant may be present.

Before you hire an investigator in West Virginia, make sure that person knows the local law about invasion of privacy, pretexting, libel and slander. Make sure that the investigator has also vetted each item presented in their report, and not simply relied on a nationwide database to paint a claimant in a bad light. This could lead to pages of information or hours of video about someone other than the claimant. It is absolutely necessary to completely identify the claimant by full name, birth date, and social security number.

shutterstock_161794949Michael Kidd has spent his entire life and career in the Charleston, West Virginia area. That allows him to have an intimate knowledge of who to talk to and where to go to get the answers you need, so you can make a quick and accurate decision about each claim. Also consider that cheapest is not always the best. There is much truth to the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Out of state investigation firms often say they have investigators in West Virginia. When things go wrong, you may later learn that they contracted the job out to an unlicensed and inexperienced local person, because they do not actually have employees in West Virginia.

Make sure your West Virginia investigator has sufficient liability insurance to protect you and your company if things go wrong. Kidd Investigations, Inc. carries a $1 million liability policy, to protect you  in the unlikely event that accusations are made against the investigator or insurance company due to the claims investigation.

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